aboutdogA healthy, happy pet is what all of us here at Mahoning Valley Veterinary Centre want for each of the pets in our care. We do all we can to achieve that goal. That’s why we emphasize responsible pet ownership, starting with regular wellness visits, supported by our client education program and of course, personal discussions about your pet’s specific needs.
Mahoning Valley Veterinary Centre cares for your pet at every stage of their lives; from new puppy and kitten care to senior pet care; from vaccinations to regular dental care; and from emergency and surgical care to disease prevention and treatment. We believe that a healthy, happy pet deserves a lifetime of regular care.

Here is an overview of the services we provide our patients and clients:

  • A full service medical and surgical veterinary hospital, with an outstanding network of medical, surgical and emergency specialists to consult or treat complex conditions.
  • An extensive state-of-the-art laboratory for immediate analysis of medical samples, critical for diagnosing, treating and assessing follow-up care.
  • Our skilled veterinary team practices only the safest anesthetic regimens.
  • We require pre-anesthetic testing and intravenous fluid therapy in all patients undergoing surgical procedures.
  • For all surgical procedures, we administer strict pain management protocol to ensure your family pet is as comfortable as possible at all stages of the procedure.
  • The latest in medical equipment and technology, including a continuous ECG, is used to monitor and measure heart rate, pulse, respiration, oxygen saturation of red blood cells, and internal temperature during all surgical procedures.
  • Complete digital radiology services that provide critical results at the time of your visit.
  • Full service pharmacy to supply the highest quality medication for your pet with accuracy and convenience.

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