Vision and Values

Mahoning Valley Veterinary Centre Vision Statement

To bring strength, health, comfort and joy to our pet patients, providing them the highest quality of life each deserves for the precious time they are with us.

Mahoning Valley Veterinary Centre Mission Statement

Mahoning Valley Veterinary Centre is dedicated to providing the gift of good pet health through the highest quality of diagnostic, medical and surgical care. The foundation of our clinic’s uncompromising goal of excellence centers around service, education, wellness and prevention programs.

Mahoning Valley Veterinary Centre Guiding Principles

dvm (42)We operate our clinic consistent with the following values:
Respecting the spirit of our pet patients and honoring their importance in the lives of their human families.
• Treatment of our pet patients and their families with compassion and care.
• Providing friendly, responsive, nurturing and informative service.
• Operating with the highest standards of professionalism and medical care for each pet in our care.
• Commitment to integrity in serving each other and our clients.
• Striving for excellence in all that we do.

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