Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic ServicesNo matter how attentive to your pet’s health you may be, disease or injury may strike unexpectedly. Should that occur, Mahoning Valley Veterinary Centre is prepared to quickly and aggressively diagnose your pet’s illness. Our investment in the best and latest diagnostic systems provides us the tools we need to make assessments and decisions swiftly and accurately.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that uses soundwaves to provide moving pictures of your pet’s organs, especially the abdomen and heart. It requires no anesthesia and is less stressful and more comfortable for your pet. A quick and accurate diagnosis can make all the difference in deciding the right course of treatment for your pet.

Digital Radiology
Advances in digital x-ray technology now allows us to produce faster, more accurate x-rays than traditional film and plate radiographs, while reducing your pet’s exposure to radiation and providing clearer high-resolution images for even better diagnosis. Monitors in each exam room enable us to view your pet’s digital images during your visit and help in making important care decisions.

Diagnostic Laboratory
Blood, fluids and tissue samples provide us essential information about your pet’s health that might not be detectable during a routine or emergency exam. It is critical to quickly obtain results during the exam process in order to provide an immediate diagnosis and treatment plan for your pet. The sooner treatment is provided, the faster your pet is feeling better and on the road to recovery. We also use our in-house diagnostic laboratory to conduct mandatory pre-surgical screening. This critical precautionary measure assures us that we have the necessary information about your pet’s specific condition before, during and after any surgical or treatment procedure.

Diagnostic Specialists
Your pet’s health is the single most important concern to us. As with our own health matters, there are times when specialists are consulted for second opinions or to improve the chances of a successful outcome for more unusual or difficult cases. MVVC has an extensive network of laboratories and specialists to assure that your pet’s diagnosis and treatment plan has the best chance for its recovery and good health.

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